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52 Week Photo Challenge

About five years ago when I first started to become serious about using my camera, I was inspired to participate in a popular 365 photo challenge, a photo each day. I loved it, it pushed me to learn my camera and to take better images, but I became burnt out, it was too much with my full plate. I was able to keep up much better with an image a week, therefore, the 52 week photo challenge was born. This year, I decided to create my own challenge and I invite you to participate with me. It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned pro, you're taking images on your cell phone or you're somewhere in between, I encourage you to join me! By the end of this project you will have achieved picking up your camera at least once a week, pushing yourself to be more creative, and creating a beautiful gallery of images from your own life in 2021.


  1. Choose a camera, any camera, you feel comfortable with, or perhaps one you want to learn how to photograph with.

  2. Read the weekly word prompt a week ahead of time. Plan out what it is that you would like to photograph using that word. It can be something simple, or it may take some effort, practice and perhaps even some extra time.

  3. Once you're pleased with an image you've taken and have edited it, if you prefer, save it in a digital file and name it (ie. Week 1_SelfPortrait_01.04.2021). If you're taking cell phone images, you may want to create an album and keep all of your images there. This is a personal preference, but it's helpful to have at the end of the year if you plan to do anything special with the images.

  4. Share the image on Instagram using the hashtag #tarahollow52. By using the hashtag you can connect with others and be inspired by how the interpreted the weekly prompt.

That's it! This week I will be planning out and taking the Week 1 word prompt, Self-Portrait and will post it on Monday, January 4th. You may use this same timeline or work at your own pace.

I look forward to seeing all of your images! Happy photographing!!!

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