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Alex & Kaitlyn - Surprise Proposal at LaChua Trail

Just a few short weeks ago, I met up with Kaitlyn at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to take graduation photos to celebrate the degree she earned in Interior Design. Not long after I delivered her gallery, she reached out to me for a couples session with her high school sweetheart, Alex. Kaitlyn and Alex met in Jacksonville, FL at the Jacksonville symphony youth orchestra and it didn't take long for sparks to fly. Even though they went to different high schools and different colleges their love has stood the test of time and they just celebrated five years together.

To my delight, Kaitlyn's Mom reached out to me to let me know that Alex was planning to propose during the photo session. Alex and I secretly plotted how to pull it off at LaChua Trail in Gainesville, FL and let's just say it was epic! Congrats Alex and Kaitlyn! I'm honored I was chosen to capture this special moment in your lives.

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