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Cole & Samantha - Just Married

Cole and Sam were the absolute sweetest couple. Since they live in Wisconsin I didn't get to meet them in person until their big day and I couldn't be any more pleased that they chose me having only met me on Zoom. You can tell they are sweet old souls. Sam and Cole met in church and he proposed to Sam at his grandmothers house by the lake. As if that wasn't sweet enough, Sam wore the very same crown and veil as her mother and her grandmother. She looked straight out of a fairytale.

As Florida weather goes in June, I pulled up to the wedding and it started to rain. It stopped raining long enough to catch some portraits outside and then the clouds rolled in so dark that it looked like dusk, the heavens opened up and the wind blew so hard I didn't think their outdoor ceremony under the oaks was going to happen. We waited past the ceremony start time and by the grace of God the storm blew off, the skies cleared and the Seven Hills Farm team was able to quickly dry off benches and set up the ceremony like nothing had just happened. Cole saw his beautiful bride for the first time walking down the aisle. I'm pretty sure he worked very hard to maintain his composure because it was a beautiful and emotional moment seeing her on the arm of her father. The ceremony was so beautiful and touching and very special to have grandmothers play a small part in it. Since we were so far behind schedule the rest of the evening felt like a whirlwind, but we did our best to keep things smooth without compromising what was most important to them.

It was such an honor to capture their day and feel like part of the family while I was documenting their love. Congrats Cole and Sam!!! I hope you enjoy some of my favorite images.