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Jefferson & Natalie

Jeff and Natalie met in law school, but that's not where the love story started. It wasn't until a few years after college and starting their careers off as lawyers before they reconnected and sparks ignited. Jeff romantically popped the question in the panhandle on a private tour in the Florida Caverns. The tour guide turned out the lights so they could experience "total darkness" when the cave glowed again, so did Jeff while on one knee smiling up at the love of his life to ask for her hand in marriage. I think it's safe to say she eagerly said YES since this is their wedding day blog post after all.

The two were married in a really beautiful hour long religious ceremony, and no it wasn't that long because they're lawyers and we had to sit through listening to all the disclaimers (haha just kidding). Let's be honest, it was a lengthy ceremony because Father Justin Yawn was pretty long winded, but wow was it an unforgettable ceremony. I laughed, I cried, I smiled until my cheeks hurt while I was crying, it was that good. I'm kidding again, Justin, you did an amazing job officiating.

Jeff and Natalie, I pray that you live a long and happy life together as husband and wife, that you always keep a love triangle with God at the top of that pyramid, that you never stop fighting for each other because marriage is work and it's hard work at that, but it's the most rewarding job aside from having children. Thank you for inviting me to capture all the special moments of your big day. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler!!!