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Just for Fun - Shoot & Share Contest

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

For a few years I've been admiring the photos of the Shoot & Share Contest. Absolutely anyone can enter, so this year I decided to now that I have a couple of years under my belt. Voting is anonymous and you have no idea where you are within the contest until a couple of months after you enter. The competition is fierce and there are some amazing photographers that enter and win this contest. I wasn't sure how I'd do and I didn't expect to be a finalist, but I am quite pleased with where I placed for my first year entering and considering that I'm still so new to photography.

The Wedding Party: Top 20% - 1,531/11,412

Share Joy: Top 20% - 2,031/10,810

Engagement/Couple - Top 20% - 9,108/48,578

Wedding Details: Top 30% - 4,549/18,829

Wedding Couple: Top 30% - 11,757/45,058

Kids: Top 30% - 13,335/52,642

Teens/Seniors: Top 30% - 10,701/39,136

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