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Kelly & Dylan - Engaged

I'm not bragging or anything, okay I'm bragging, but I married into THE best family. I met Kelly not long after I met my husband in 2007 when Kelly was only 15 years old. Through the years I've watched her blossom into this beautiful, intelligent and respectful young woman. When she texted me recently that she needed to book an engagement session I actually squealed out loud with delight and I think I even jumped with excitement. It wasn't until the actual portrait session that I first met Dylan, but it didn't take me long to see why she fell for him so hard. They compliment each other well, just see for yourself...

Kelly and Dylan drove to meet me in Micanopy, FL where we did all of their engagement portraits. The majority of them were taken in Paynes Prairie State Preserve, but they were sports and even ventured to some side of the road spots with me.

Thank you both for choosing me to capture such a special moment in your lives. Dylan, we all are looking forward to having you officially part of the family. Congrats you gorgeous love birds!!!

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