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My "Baby" is SEVEN

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

So I'm a few days late in posting, but my oldest, Zachary is SEVEN years old!!! How did this happen? I feel like one day I woke up and my kids were no longer babies. My precious little one went from watching "Piggy the Pooh", Winnie, to playing Minecraft and being embarrassed to kiss me goodbye at school drop off.

Zach is so many things, he's brilliant and learning comes so easy to him, he's creative, he's sweet, caring, giving, polite and has energy for absolutely anything he's interested in. We love you Zach-A-Roni & Cheese, Zach-A-Doodle Do, Zach Attack, Zach-Man. Haha, he has a lot of nicknames.

This top photo is his 7th birthday pic and the rest show him little and just how far I've come in photography. And yes, that's a rugby ball next to Zach just a few days old. My husband is President of the Gainesville Hogs Rugby Club.

My boys must pose for a birthday portrait every year. Do you have any birthday traditions?

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