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Strangers Car Wash Session - Gainesville, FL

If you're on social media or not living under a rock, chances are you may have seen some Strangers Sessions happening this year. Well, I found two complete strangers and decided to give it a go breaking outside of my normal couples session locations and poses. The car wash couldn't have been any hotter! It was sexy, soapy, wet and fun for anyone participating or getting a show as they vacuumed their cars out. The pictures turned out amazing and it doesn't hurt that my models Savanna and Daniel are super hot even without my photography skills. You might actually remember Daniel from his rise to fame in 2017 when he was named "Hot Cop with the Good Hair" after a photo of him and some colleagues went viral helping during Hurricane Irma. Just incase you don't remember, you can read about it in People Magazine. He also went on to star on the hit show Survivor!

I couldn't decide on my favorite images, so here's a bunch of eye candy to enjoy. Oh and if you're wondering, not only did they exchange numbers, but like a true gentleman, he bought her dinner afterwards.

A very special thanks to:

My two willing photographers that made this so amazing.

CWP Photography

SGP Photography

Scrubs Car Wash

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