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The Farrar Family - Shalom Park

I'm telling my age here, but almost twenty years ago as a senior in high school, I started my very first "real job" as a Publix bakery clerk. During that time I befriended a good ole Williston boy named Johnathan. He and my then boyfriend were actually besties and co-workers. To my delight, all these years later we stay connected thanks to Facebook. Yesterday evening I had the pleasure of taking his family portraits with his beautiful and very sweet wife, Andrea, and their two energetic little boys at Shalom Park in Ocala, FL. They were just like my two boys excited and full of energy. They did well at some posing, but for the most part I let them do their thing and I snapped away. Callen just turned two and he was such a sweet snuggle bug with his Mommy and Daddy. Sweet Cameron (4) just wanted to play, show off his dinosaur face and receive praise for listening and following directions. The highlight of it all? I got hugs, kisses and even an I love you from these sweet babies before we parted ways. Such a perfect session, I loved every second of it! Here's a little sneak peek of what I captured. Enjoy!!!

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